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The price of liberty is eternal vigilance
Exempt Organization Type: Educational Organization
IRS Tax Code Section: 501(c)(3)

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Phone: 703-444-7940
Email: info@freedomalliance.org
Address: 22570 Markey Court,Dulles,VA,20166
Website: https://freedomalliance.org/

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This organization is in good standing as a 501(c)(3) Educational Organization.

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In May 1990, two Vietnam veterans formed a new charitable organization and shortly thereafter Freedom Alliance began to make its mark on history. Two months later, in another part of the world, an Iraqi dictator invaded a helpless neighbor. President George H.W. Bush vowed the aggression would not stand and deployed America’s military to liberate Kuwait. Freedom Alliance determined that Persian Gulf warriors would receive the respect and support their Vietnam-era predecessors were denied a generation before. The organization immediately launched Operation Homefront and mobilized hundreds of volunteers to assemble and ship 125,000 care packages to our troops in the field. Each box was filled with items to relieve boredom and fight the desert heat, but more important, they conveyed the public’s overwhelming support. It was one of several projects Freedom Alliance initiated to care for our war fighters. After Saddam Hussein refused to peacefully retreat, the world’s greatest military introduced themselves to the Iraqi army and its occupation of Kuwait was short lived. America’s military came home to a grateful public and a page of American history turned. No longer would a belligerent minority of campus radicals and their anchor desk allies be allowed to malign America’s heroes in uniform. After the deadliest terrorist attack in history on September 11, 2001, America’s military was sent to fight again. In the long war against radical Islamists, Freedom Alliance leads the homefront efforts to honor the fallen, support fighters in the field, help wounded troops rehabilitate, and assist families struggling with the wounds of war. Freedom Alliance not only supports our troops, we fight for a free and sovereign nation in which “We the People” determine our own destiny. We defend America’s history and her heroes. And we believe in American exceptionalism – the idea that the United States is the greatest force for good the world has ever known.
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Exempt Org Type Educational Organization
Tax Code 501(c)(3)
Date Founded 3/1/1999
Size (Personnel) 11 to 50
Location Virginia
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