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Eternal Endurance

Leverage innovative interventions in community building, physical activities, and mental health to reduce the suicide rate among veterans to zero.
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Address: 695 Verbenia Dr, Satellite Beach, FL, 32937

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COMMUNITY: Our bond is deeper than most, but we lost a lot of those bonds when we left the service. Community isn't all about sharing war stories or crying in our beer. It's about spending time doing cool stuff and sharing real connection with squared-away people near us who have our 6 when family, work, kids, and civilians just don't get it. Isolation kills, cover me. WE PROVIDE: Intensive training and team building adventures to assist in building a tight-knit core community in towns and cities across the US that are dedicated to growing, supporting, & enriching their local veterans’ lives; Familiar local brothers and sisters to lean on when things get tough rather than having to reach out to strangers or struggle alone in isolation; Frameworks for veterans' families to get together, connect, & support each other in ways that civilian families just can't seem to grasp; Opportunities to use our skills and talents to continue to serve in our own hometown and become part of the solution rather than suffering our common struggle alone. CLUBS: Eternal Endurance "FOBs" in towns and cities across the country where we are always welcome without the pressures of alcohol, drugs, and snowflakes. WE PROVIDE: Relaxed atmosphere to watch a movie or a game, maybe play some pool or darts, have cookouts with friends in the evenings and weekends, or get the families together like only we know how; Office spaces for peer supports and counselors to meet with those who need a little extra help from folks who get it, without having to walk into a counseling center or the VA; Gym/workout facilities to work on physical fitness in a comfortable environment; Meeting rooms for AA/NA, Peer Support groups, and other therapeutic activities for vets only. ACTIVITIES: Team Building, Recreational, & Endurance-based activities for Vets and their families. WE PROVIDE: Multi-day hiking and camping adventures to tighten local communities; Survival and “Mash” style games for teams and individuals; Access to local resources including: Kayaking, surfing, skiing, hiking, climbing, and others; Group training and coaching to compete in endurance sports including: Marathon, triathlon, and adventure racing; Calendar of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual gatherings including: Morning PT, run clubs, dinners, hikes, dives, fishing trips, concerts, hunts, golf tournaments, softball, book clubs, basketball, cornhole, tailgates, and whatever other activities YOUR community thinks would be fun.RESOURCES: Step-down resources for people who have received acute mental health treatment but need ongoing counseling, friendships, and connection that insurance & the VA don't provide. We offer referrals to vetted network of professionals from Inpatient to Detox and Family Therapy to Trauma Services; Development, funding, and proliferation of unique and specialized interventions in line with the EERS Mission; Transportation and medication expenses directly related to vets receiving needed mental health treatment; Referrals to trusted outside service providers who can help with needs beyond EERS scope.
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Exempt Org Type Charitable Organization
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